Friday, October 26, 2007

The top 15 vocal performances?

Thanks to Brad Saltzberg:

“Here’s a good one - Bob’s all-time best vocal performances - official releases only:

1. Moonshiner (Bootleg Series v1-3)
2. Idiot Wind (BOTT)
3. One too many Mornings (Hard Rain)
4. Rank Strangers to me (Down in the Groove)
5. The Water is Wide (Bootleg Series v5 Live 1975)
6. Honey, just allow me one more chance (The Freewheelin’)
7. Dirge (Planet Waves)
8. Fixin’ to Die (Bob Dylan)
9. Don’t Think Twice it’s Alright (The Freewheelin’)
10. Hazel (Planet Waves)
11. One more cup of Coffee (Desire)
12. Hurricane (Bootleg Series v5 Live 1975)
13. Youre a Big Girl Now (BOTT)
14. Just like a Woman (Before the Flood)
15. Only a Pawn in their Game (Times)