Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Mastermind * compilation * Gospel * Patti Smith radio show

Dylan’s everywhere! BBC2’s Mastermind last night

Bristol taxi driver Martyn Brooks was impressive in answering questions on his specialist subject – The Life and Career Of Bob Dylan (Career!? Career? Somebody kidding here?).

Brooks answered 14 of 17 questions correctly in his allotted two minutes – under pressure from arc lights, studio audience, and untold hundreds of thousands watching BBC2.

The Dylan Daily would like to hear from any reader who managed a higher score than the valiant Brooks while watching in real time in the stress-free environment of home.

Gerry Smith

Compilation - the studio recording plus a pair of very different live versions for each song: encore

Thanks to Martin Cowan:

“In response to Andy Miller’s request, there are plenty of candidates that may fit the bill here. Off the top of my head:

“Baby Let Me Follow You Down (BD; Live 1966; The Last Waltz)
Hard Rain (Freewheelin'; live 1975 (Rolling Thunder 1); live 1976 (Rolling Thunder 2 - sadly not officially released); 1994 at the Great Musical Experience)
One Too Many Mornings (Times; Live 1966; Hard Rain)
It's Alright Ma (BIABH; Before the Flood; Budokan; 30th Anniversary Celebration)
Love Minus Zero (BIABA; Budokan; Unplugged)
I Want You (BOB; Budokan; Unplugged outtake)
All Along the Watchtower (JWH; Budokan; Unplugged)
Cold Irons Bound (TOOM; Live 1961 - 2000; Masked and Anonymous)

“And how about:
Hattie Carroll (Times; Live 1975)
Visions of Johanna (BOB; Live 1966)
Country Pie (Nashville Skyline; Live 1961 - 2000)

“There's also a few tracks which have only ever been released as live versions and are great performances:

“Tomorrow Is A Long Time (More Greatest Hits)
Seven Days (Bootleg Series Vols 1 - 3)
Mutineer (Warren Zevon tribute album).”


Your recommendations for a compilation - the studio recording plus a pair of very different live versions, for each song included,

Thanks to Andy Miller:

“I have a new in-law relative who said to me recently that he thought Dylan was a superb songwriter and studio musician but, I suspect on the basis of a few offhand press reviews, no great shakes as a live performer.

“He asked me to convince him otherwise. I mused on this challenge for a while but then whilst listening to, and realising again how much I love the version of Tangled Up In Blue from Paris ‘8, I hit upon a strategy.

“I’m going to make him a CD consisting of a selected studio track plus two live performances that each differ dramatically and convincingly in interpretation. So, I thought the third TUIB might perhaps come from a 1999/2000 concert?

“o other readers think this might do the trick? And, if so, can they suggest pairings of songs that I should consider. My aim is to make a stimulating CD’s worth rather than a repetitive set of rehashes and I would like to be able to range across the 45+ years of concerts. I have a few ideas but would love to hear some other views.”

More on Gospel Bob

The Dylan Daily covered Dylan’s God spell in some detail a few months ago (check out the articles via the SEARCH ARCHIVES function in the right-hand column).

Thanks to Brad Saltzberg for adding his contribution:

“Here is something I have always wanted to see released - Gospel Bob - compilation of his gospel material - it would really put an end to all the bull about his gospel stuff being inferior.

“It’s not inferior, its just less consistent, hence the need to the comp:

When you gonna wake up
Slow Train
Property of Jesus
Groom’s still waiting
What Can I do for you
I believe In You
Im hanging on to a solid rock made before the foundation of the world
Ye shall be changed
Precious Angel
Shot of Love
Every grain of sand
Foot of Pride
Covenant Woman
Lord Protect my Child
Pressing On
When He returns

“Hit me!”

New Patti Smith Dylan show on German radio

Thanks to Cornelia Grosch in Berlin:

“Patti Smith has a show on Radio Eins about Bob Dylan. First show was last week, next show will be Friday 25 October, 00:00-01:00 (or Saturday 26, 02:00-03:00 - German Time, one hour later than Greenwich Mean Time). And it will be continued next weeks (four times), same time!

“I think the show was not only produced for our local radio station, so maybe you heard it on the BBC? The whole show is in English and is called Blowin' in the Wind.

“To have a look at the program: http://www.radioeins.de/_/programm/stundenplan_jsp.html

“You can hear it on livestream:

“Enjoy it! I asked the station if there will be a podcast, if I get an answer, I will send details!”