Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Compilation - the studio recording plus a pair of very different live versions for each song: encore, encore

Thanks to Brad Saltzberg:

“While this doesn’t exactly fulfil Andy Miller’s request, I firmly believe if you compiled and played the following live tracks for your friend he could not deny the power of Bob live:

“Most likely you’ll go your way (Before the Flood)
Romance in Durango (Biograph)
The Water is Wide (bootleg series 75)
Dignity (Unplugged)
One too many mornings (Hard Rain)
Just Like a Woman (Before the Flood)
Shelter from the Storm (Hard Rain)
It’s alright ma (Before the Flood)
Who Killed Davey Moore? (Bootleg 64)
Tomorrow is a Long time (Greatest Vol 2)
It’s all over now, Baby Blue (Bootleg series 66)
One More Cup of Coffee (Bootleg 75)
Don’t think Twice (Before Flood)
Shooting Star (Unplugged)
Like a Rolling Stone (Before the Flood)
Knockin on heaven’s Door (Unplugged)
I shall be released (bootleg 75)”