Monday, October 08, 2007

ANOTHER DYLAN – an alternative 51 track compilation

Many thanks to Martin Cowan for compiling his magnificent alternative 51 track 3CD compilation - ANOTHER DYLAN?

“I have been thinking about an alternative track selection. What the suits should have done, if they'd still wanted to release previously available material, was to select tracks reflecting the strength in depth of Dylan's back catalogue - after all, if someone wants "Blowin' in the wind" or "Like A Rolling Stone", they can go to one of the other compilations or the original albums.

“My alternative selection is as below. I don't think there are any artists who could release such a strong collection of songs, and ignore most of their most famous compositions. This is so mouth-watering, I might have to burn my own 3 CD set!”

1) In my time of dyin (Bob Dylan)
2) Oxford Town (Freewheelin)
3) Quit your low down ways (outtake - Bootleg Series)
4) One Too Many Mornings (Times they are...)
5) Restless farewell (Times they are..)
6) Who Killed Davey Moore (live) (Bootleg Series)
7) Spanish Harlem Incident (Another side of..)
8) Love Minus Zero (Bringing it all back home)
9) Maggie's Farm (live Newport) (No Direction Home)
10) Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues (Highway 61)
11) I Wanna Be Your Lover (outtake - Biograph)
12) it's all over now baby blue (live) (Live 1966)
13) baby let me follow you down (live) (Live 1966)
14) Visions of johanna (Blonde on Blonde)
15) Fourth time around (Blonde on Blonde)
16) tears of rage (basement tapes)
17) I dreamed I saw st augustine (john wesley harding)
18) Grand Coulee Dam (live at Woody Guthrie Memorial show)
(Live 1961 - 2000)
19) I threw it all away (Nashville skyline)
20) Gotta travel on (self portrait)
21) Sign on the window (new morning)
22) Turkey Chase (pat garrett)
23) Never say goodbye (Planet waves)
24) It's alright ma (live - Before the Flood)
25) Buckets of rain (Blood on the tracks)
26) mozambique (desire)
27) Abandoned love (outtake - Biograph)
28) it takes a lot to laugh (live - Rolling Thunder)
29) idiot wind (live - Hard Rain)
30) we better talk this over (street-legal)
31) all along the watchtower (live - Budokan)
32) i believe in you (slow train coming)
33) pressing on (saved)
34) in the summertime (shot of love)
35) angelina (outtake - bootleg series)
36) dead man dead man (live) (Live 1961-2000)
37) man of peace (infidels)
38) masters of war (live - Real Live)
39) trust yourself (empire burlesque)
40) something's burning baby (empire burlesque)
41) rank strangers to me (down in the groove)
42) what was it you wanted (oh mercy)
43) handy dandy (under the red sky)
44) black jack davy (good as I been...)
45) Lone pilgrim (world gone wrong)
46) Hard Rain (live - Great Music Experience - CD single)
47) trying to get to heaven (Time out of mind)
48) Cold Irons Bound (live - Live 1961-2000)
49) Country Pie (live - Live 1961-2000)
50) Mississippi (love and theft)
51) Spirit on the water (modern times)