Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Dream Dylan Live – a mixed bag

Dream Dylan Live, the BBC radio “gig” created by splicing together 11 songs performed at concerts from 40+ years of shows, was a mixed bag.

It was a welcome “free” gift of some fine performances. The early acoustic material, in particular, forcibly reminded you of Dylan’s magnificent poetry. His internal rhyming and telling alliteration have rarely been more obvious. It also reminded you of his gift for using verbs –

· “the battle outside is RAGING”;
· “..with white skin, they EXPLAIN”;
· “SCROUNGING for your next meal”.

I was less enamoured by the setlist – there was a big gap in the performance years covered. And the order was baffling.

And Radio 2’s packaging and promo was also puzzling. It claimed that four tracks “have never been heard since they were originally performed” – unlikely, I’d wager. The track list on the web didn’t carry source details. And it was in the wrong order. The claim that the “gig” represented Dylan’s “greatest hits” caused raised eyebrows in these parts.

Gerry Smith



Saturday 6 October 2007, 8.00-9.00pm
BBC Radio 2

Blowing In The Wind,
Only A Pawn In Their Game,
Times They Are A Changin',
Mr Tambourine Man,
Like A Rolling Stone,
Maggie's Farm,
All Along The Watchtower,
To Make You Feel My Love
Things Have Changed
Groom's Still Waiting...,

Bob Harris introduces Dream Dylan Live, an hour of Bob Dylan's greatest hits, compiled from over 40 years of concerts. It features four performances direct from Dylan's own archives which have never been heard since they were originally
performed. Of special interest to Dylan fans is a November 1980 performance of Groom's Still Waiting At The Altar, which features the last public performance of guitarist Mike Bloomfield, who died three months after making this final appearance.