Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Suze Rotolo’s memoir: encore

Thanks to Ian Woodward:

“I, too, am looking forward to Suze Rotolo's memoir but my impression, from the title as much as anything else, is that it will be about her life, times and activities in Greenwich Village as a whole, in the 1960s, of which her relationship with Dylan was but a part.

“Of course, a publisher is almost bound to stress the Dylan part of the book, particularly any salacious aspects, and may even have pushed her to increase the Dylan content, but I suspect the book will be as interesting for providing contextual background as detail.

“The press release, which I didn't see but it must have been a press release as quite a number of different newspapers reproduced identical texts, concentrated almost entirely on the Dylan connection. If I am right, then this press release may be understandable but misleading.”