Monday, February 11, 2008

Theme Time Radio Hour: another selection of Dylan selections

Up against the forthcoming Ace Records release covered here last Friday, there’s a competitive CD of Dylan selections from Theme Time Radio Hour.

Bob Dylan: The Best Of Bob Dylan’s Theme Time Radio Hour is a 2CD set produced by Chrome Dreams in association with fanzine ISIS.

Though similar in length – 52 tracks to Ace’s 50 – the Chrome Dreams product has a very different selection. It presents one song from every one of the shows in the first series. It has sleeve notes by ISIS main man Derek Barker – a guarantee of informed writing. And it’s cheaper.

So which to choose, Ace or Chrome Dreams?

I’m not normally a fence sitter, but the musical content of these two products is so very different, and so very strong, that I’d buy both - if I hadn’t heard all the shows on the radio.

If you know of any other recent releases in this genre, please let me know.

Gerry Smith