Thursday, February 28, 2008

Dylan: Muzak for busy shoppers - encore

Thanks to Andy Miller:

“Nottingham’s Waterstones (2nd floor) can often be relied on, with what seemed like a full run through of Bringing It All Back Home heard on more than one occasion these past years.”



Dylan: Muzak for busy shoppers

The Dylan Daily has faithfully documented how its favourite Minnesotan has been adopted by English mainstream culture. No longer the unwashed counter-cultural subversive, Zimmerman is now commoditised as a cuddly, granny-friendly nice man next door.

On a visit to the shops at lunchtime yesterday, in the market town of St Albans - quintessential Pleasantville - I was regaled not once, but twice, by Bobby Muzak.

Marks & Spencer, last refuge of Middle Englanders, treated me to Like A Rolling Stone, no less. Then, just along the High Street, Boots, the chemist chain, regaled me and its other lunchtime shoppers with Lay Lady Lay.

Do these retailers know what they’re unleashing?

Where will it all end?