Thursday, February 21, 2008

More on Legacy’s Dylan podcasts

Thanks to Ian Woodward:

“The three Legacy podcasts devoted to Newport, Episodes 11-13, appear to be taken from a promotional CD issued in support of the Newport DVD released last year.

“The Patti Smith podcasts are from the four-CD promotional set issued in support of the DYLAN box-set release.

“Quite why Legacy should mix the two together is unclear. Perhaps it was simply a case that waiting until they had finished the Patti series would mean too large a time gap between podcasting the Newport episodes and last year's release of the DVD they are intended to promote.

“The programmes are indeed much more interesting than expected, such that a few excerpts will be included in my column in the next issue of ISIS magazine, due out in March.

“The four hours of Patti Smith programmes have been broadcast by some radio stations in the United States but I haven't heard of any broadcast of the Newport programme, which is believed to last one hour in total.”