Wednesday, December 12, 2007

New (paperback) edition of The Bob Dylan Encyclopedia: your additions and alterations invited

Thanks to Michael Gray, author of The Bob Dylan Encyclopedia:


“I'm happy to say that Continuum has clinched its plans for the paperback of The Bob Dylan Encyclopedia, and that this will be published simultaneously in New York and London on April 15th (2008).

“This gives me a brief chance to incorporate updates and a few corrections to the text, and I should like to ask each interested blog reader this: please let me know of anything essential you think needs adding or altering.

“Obviously I am adding entries on Modern Times, The Drawn Blank Series, the Dylan 3-CD set and I'm Not There, and to mention the Cadillac ads, the re-mix of 'Most Likely' and the 2nd series of Theme Time Radio Hour, and to add in the deaths of Tommy Makem, Mark Spoelstra and Ian Wallace. (Paul Nelson's death, and some correction, is already included in the revised reprint of the hardback issued in the UK on Sept 24th 2006.)

“BUT there will inevitably be other things it would be good to include if possible, and I shall be grateful if you can suggest any.

“(In the case of living musicians, they may well have issued new albums since early 2006, but we don't have the capacity to add all these in - though it should be possible to mention any that really are significant in that artist's career. Joni Mitchell's Shine is an example, I think, since it represents her first album of substantially new material in some years.)

“So if anything strikes you, let me know, and before January 1st please!”