Friday, December 21, 2007

The Bob Dylan Top 10 of 2007

This has been a richly productive Dylan year. In 2007 The Dylan Daily has covered a giddy succession of outstanding performances/products by and about Bobby, in an exploding range of media – live performance, CD, DVD, painting, radio, TV documentary, feature films, podcasts, books and magazine special issues.

Here’s my Bob Dylan Top 10 - 2007, in rank order:

1. The tour (aka NET)

2. The Other Side Of The Mirror

3. The Drawn Blank Series

4. Don’t Look Back De Luxe 2DVD set

5. Theme Time Radio Hour Series 1

6. DYLAN, 3CD De Luxe box

7. The Dream Dylan Concert 1962-2001, BBC Radio 2

8. Legacy Podcasts – Bob Dylan 1-9

9. The Traveling Wilburys Collection

10. Million Dollar Bash, by Sid Griffin


11. Bob Dylan - Never-Ending Star, by Lee Marshall – see exclusive book review, here, next week

12. Dylanesque - Bryan Ferry’s covers album.

All are must-see/-hear/-own – you can find full details in the Dylan Daily Archive.

No mention, notice, of: the new feature film or Factory Girl or the enhanced single or any bootleg/grey market recording …

What are your Dylan 2007 highlights? Please send your Dylan Top 3 2007 to

Thanks, in anticipation. And, if you’re not dropping by for a few days, best wishes for the Xmas holiday!

Gerry Smith