Monday, December 17, 2007

More on those magnificent podcasts from Legacy Recordings

I recommended the official Dylan podcasts, introduced by Patti Smith, Jersey’s finest, a couple of weeks ago. By last week, the series had grown to nine programmes, and I’ve re-listened, more carefully.

Contributions by a roster of key music biz associates like Roger McGuinn, Garth Hudson and John Hammond Jnr are complemented by some acute writers and critics, notably Bill Flanagan and a History Prof from Princeton (Sean Wilentz?), who make very perceptive comments. And by some clever comedy from the man himself.

Listening to the series for the third time in the car on a one-hour journey yesterday I was alternately raving at the sublime music clips and marvelling at the insights being tossed away by the insightful commentators.

The Dylan podcasts are magnificent. They’re also free. And you can subscribe via iTunes to receive future episodes automatically (free).

Waddya waiting for?

Gerry Smith


Sony’s official Dylan podcasts, introduced by Patti Smith

Don’t miss hip priestess Patti Smith introducing a series of official Sony Dylan podcasts.

The six programmes in the series so far, running for about six minutes each, include Dylan recordings and interview snippets, Smith’s links and contributions from musicians (eg John Hiatt) and critics (eg Greil Marcus).

The series is covering Dylan’s career chronologically. Number 6 has only reached the late 1960s, so it looks as if the series could eventually run to a couple of hours of prime Dylan documentary - all legally downloadable, of course, as MP3 files.

Highly recommended.

Gerry Smith