Monday, December 31, 2007

I’m Not There: thoroughly enjoyable … heartily recommended

Thanks to Bernard McGuinn:

“I'm Not There is a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Heartily recommended to anyone who loves film, loves Bob's music and isn't looking for historical documentary.

“Could well have been how Masked and Anonymous or Renaldo and Clara would have turned out if made by someone who knew how to make a good film!

“I laughed out loud at least six times during the film and the actual film soundtrack is so much better to listen to than the released double CD. There's no getting away from it - no one sings Dylan like Dylan!

“The film runs artistically in parallel with the esoteric masterpiece that it takes its name from - it feels that there's so much there, but you can't quite grasp what there is when you try to look up close.

“The critics, rightly, are raving about the enacting of the 65/66 Dylan incarnation, but there's much to be appreciated from the other roles; I loved the young black Dylan character with his tall tales of experience way beyond his years and the Richard Gere role of the reclusive Billy was awesome.”