Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Drawn Blank Series: encore

Thanks to “M” (name withheld because email was probably intended in confidence):

“Unfortunately I ordered the catalogue before reading your warning about the English and German versions and have got the German version. An amazing collection of paintings -- a pity I can't read German!

“I wonder whether the text explains Dylan's modus operandi. What I imagine he has done is envisage the act of painting as a performance art. The original sketch from Drawn Blank is the song and each painting is a performance of that song. Does the text refer to this, or is it just a creation of my fevered imagination as I cast my eyes over the pages of incomprehensible text?”

Your perception is remarkable: your conclusion is EXACTLY that of (essayist) Herr Zollner in his last two paragraphs on page 73!

Thanks also to Peter James:

“Are you sure you’re not dazzled just because the pics are by Dylan? Isn’t this just another case of a celeb dabbler trading on a reputation in another field?”

Agreed: this is always a possibility, but it’s one you’ll probably discount once you’ve seen this remarkable artwork. Dylan Daily readers ignoring this important new book might live to regret it!

Gerry Smith