Friday, December 07, 2007

Grey market Dylan product proliferating

If you haven’t had a good root in the Dylan racks of the music megastores for a while, you might be surprised at the recent proliferation of what’s best described as “grey market” product - CDs and (especially) DVDs.

These products aren’t official (Sony) releases, but they can’t be bootlegs (aka "black" market), or they wouldn’t be stocked by the mainstream music emporia. Some are also available via online retailers.

The latest such product to catch my attention is Bob Dylan – Transmissions, a CD of 15 (mainly audio) tracks recorded for TV/radio across Dylan’s career, released by UK label Storming Music Company. Presumably such releases are legit because the original broadcasters have licensed performances for which they hold the copyright?

Has any reader come across this or similar CDs? Are they worth pursuing?

Gerry Smith