Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Tell Tale Signs: encore… encore… encore

Thanks to Liam Mogan:

“Just a quick response to avid collector Daniel Lobby's disappointment at my post about the new 'bootleg' album.

“My comment 'If it's a true 'bootleg' then give us something truly rare' was specifically referring to the inclusion of already officially released tracks within the collection. His musings on this statement are contradictory especially when he goes on to say that 'Perhaps the answer is for Columbia Records, every now and then, to gather these oddities and rarities together and release them on a compilation album.' A statement I heartily agree with I, especially when the new collection misses out on some fantastic one-off tracks, such as 'Red Cadillac..' and 'I Can't Get You Off of My Mind' (amongst others). I also agree that the inclusion on the No Direction Home OST of 'Song to Woody' and 'LARS' was below the belt and unnecessary.

“I do not doubt the rarity value of the Oh Mercy/Time Out of Mind outtakes, I was simply questioning the vitality of a new Bootleg Volume containing a large volume of multi-takes.

“Similarly, I have no idea about the quality of items within the Dylan Vaults - I merely suggested it would have been nice for this volume to have followed the successful blueprint of Volumes 4, 5 and 6 in releasing top-notch live collections. This is why I suggested the Supper Club and Born Again recordings.

“Finally, I take umbrage at Daniel's questioning my description the first instalment of the series" as "majestic". Was it not majestic even to the likes of Mr Lobby who obviously had the majority of the tracks anyway? Did he not enjoy or appreciate the sound clarity of the release?

“For me, as a 16 year old Dylan fan at the time it took my breath away (it still does). Even if a lot of the tracks did already exist amongst collectors, the majority had never been officially released.

“Does Daniel suggest that the first official release of 'I'm Not There' on the OST was not of interest because the Tree With Roots/Genuine Basement Tapes collections already included it? Even though the sound quality was a million miles away from the bootlegs?

“To my mind the purpose of the Bootleg Series is not just to offer outtakes and alternative versions. No one can doubt that the first 7 volumes entrenched His Bobness' position as the greatest songwriter, performer and recording artist of the 20th century. Can anyone truly say that this collection promises to do the same?

“Been listening to Dreamin' of You for the past few days. Nice enough but not a patch on the song that used the same lyrics. Cleary, Bob's quality radar was switched back on in the 90s.”