Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Suze Rotolo’s memoir

I stumbled upon a stray copy of A Freewheelin’ Time, the new Suze Rotolo memoir, in my local Borders last night. I assume it was “stray” as I understood that it wasn’t due to be published in London until 25 September (though the US edition has been available – online - since 13 May).

A 10 minute skim read raised the possibility that an earlier claim on Dylan Daily that Ms Rotolo’s book would be one of the big Dylan events of recent years might have been premature.

Perhaps it isn’t intended as a “Dylan event”? Though I don’t see any reason why anyone would want to know about Suze’s early life without the Zim connection. Anyhow, Dylan only figures in half the book’s almost 400 pages, and I failed to find any Earth-shattering revelations.

A full-length, fair-minded Dylan Daily review will follow - if I can get hold of an advance copy. In the meantime, if you’ve bought the book and have views on it, I’ll be very pleased to publish them here.

Gerry Smith