Monday, August 18, 2008

Dylan the American poet: new regular commentary

Thanks to Lawrence J. Epstein:

“I am writing a new source of commentary about Bob Dylan. I will write regularly about Dylan for The Best American Poetry blog. The Best American Poetry is an annual anthology that includes the best poems published during the previous year.

“I am an author who writes about American culture and society. I am currently writing a book about folk singers from Woody Guthrie to Bob Dylan for Yale University Press.

“My posts, titled The Bob Dylan Watch, will appear every two weeks or whenever some crucial new event occurs or some vital material appears. I’ll be commenting on books, films, articles, websites, blogs or other Dylan-related materials and will also take a look back at Dylan’s achievements.

“In researching my book, I’ve interviewed many people about Dylan. Some of them are famous, like Pete Seeger, or Peter, Paul and Mary. Others are less famous, like B.J. Rolfzen, Dylan’s high school English teacher. They were all interesting, and I’ll be blogging about some of them as well.”