Monday, August 11, 2008

Film-maker’s evocation of Old Woodstock

Thanks to film director David McDonald for more clips from his work documenting life in Woodstock:

“I've got a bunch of videos you might be interested in:

* Did I send you The Band in Woodstock?

* Or, the section on The Woodstock Soundouts, which happened in the summers preceding Woodstock, and which Dylan played at?

* Also, there's a clip I like to call rock 'n roll summer camp:

* Finally, there's the trailer I did for a film called "The Culture Wars":

* And part two of that film, which I'm now working on, a clip called "America's Oldest Peace Protesters." and after it add:

“Woody Guthrie had a sticker on his guitar that said, "This machine kills fascists." I feel very much the same way about my camera.”


Dylan in Woodstock: must-see new documentary, featuring Elliott Landy

Thanks to film director David McDonald for details of his new documentary on Woodstock. The 4’11” Dylan sequence, featuring a recent interview with photographer Elliott Landy, is a must-see:

“I am the director of a film called "Woodstock/You Can't Get There From Here”, featuring a section on Bob Dylan's life in Woodstock”:

Gerry Smith