Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I’m Not There: 2DVD now released in Europe (well, parts of…)

Thanks to Jorg, in Germany:

“Just a quick update concerning the INT-DVD-release: the "special edition" of I’m Not There released in Germany yesterday is the 2 disc version; seems to be identical with the US version.

“A friend tells me in Italy there is also a 2 disc collector's edition available.

“The standard 1 disc version here has no extras.”

(The 2DVD version is still not on sale in UK and France from the local amazon websites – Gerry Smith).



I’m Not There – shame about the extras

Conscious of my petulant decision to delay buying I’m Not There until the 2DVD version becomes available in Europe, a friend came round last night, toting his new single disc UK version.

Watching the film for a second time confirmed the opinion from the original big screen viewing that Todd Haynes’s film is a serious piece of well-executed art and that it will stand repeated scrutiny.

The single disc version’s extras – which compare badly with those on the Collector’s Edition – were our focus last night.

I'm Not There single DVD has:

· a documentary on the making of soundtrack - the most interesting extra
· an option of watching the film with an audio commentary from Haynes. While the film is running. Why would anyone want that?
· a long interview with Haynes. Very long. I can’t remember a single thing he said
· tribute to Heath Ledger – which has little interest for me; I know virtually nothing about him
· an underwhelming Dylan filmography>discography>bibliography

High-quality movie. Shame about the extras.

The extra extras on the 2DVD set apparently include: deleted scenes, featurettes, a music video, audition tapes for Marcus Carl Franklin and Ben Whishaw, a gag reel, unreleased trailers featuring the six actors re-enacting the 'Subterranean Homesick Blues' music video.

Hmmm… Are they worth waiting for? Probably not.

But I’ll still delay buying I'm Not There to register my protest at Paramount Pictures’ discrimination against European consumers.

Gerry Smith