Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Suze Rotolo’s memoir: encore

Thanks to PJ in DC:

“The Rotolo book is not worth the money, and I must say that I am astounded at how much critical praise it received.

“Rotolo's new age-y writing style is, in places, very irritating. Moreover, though the Dylan information is somewhat interesting, hardcore fans will not glean much that is news or unknown...

“... In the sections where Rotolo discusses her life independent of Dylan, I skimmed or skipped. When I did try to read these passages, I found them uninteresting at best.

“If you really want to see the Dylan-specific stuff in the book, I recommend simply waiting until you can borrow a copy.”


Meanwhile, UK publishers Aurum have kindly agreed to supply Dylan Daily with a review copy, so watch this space for an early review. Aurum also corrected my price info given yesterday: their UK hardback edition of A Freewheelin’ Time is priced at £16.99, not £18.99.

Gerry Smith