Friday, May 30, 2008

Theme Time Radio Hour: confusing schedules

Like most Anglo readers of the Dylan Daily, I’m delighted that BBC Radio bought both series of the magnificent Theme Time Radio Hour – so delighted that I’ve listened to all 60-odd broadcasts so far.

And I appreciate BBC policy in using TTRH to persuade new listeners to sample its 6 Music digital station – it certainly worked with me – before reaching out to a much bigger audience on Radio 2.

But I’m less impressed by the way BBC have relentlessly shifted the stations/slots on which they broadcast Uncle Bob’s lovely series.

This week’s schedules, for example:

Thurs 29 May
2300 Theme Time Radio Hour with Bob Dylan (Series 1 - Devil) – BBC Radio 2

Fri 30 May
2100 Theme Time Radio Hour with Bob Dylan (Series 2 – Dreams) – BBC 6 Music

Sun 1 June
2400 Theme Time Radio Hour with Bob Dylan (Series 2 - ??) – BBC 6 Music

Bewildered? So am I. Keep missing broadcasts? Me too.

And I’ll be disappointed if the Sunday midnight graveyard slot is the permanent new home on 6 Music: thanks to DJ Zim, Friday night had become music night, all over again.

Gerry Smith