Thursday, May 22, 2008

Europe 2008 – NET preview

Dylan starts the Europe 2008 leg of his Never Ending Tour (NET) next Monday, in Iceland. He plays 15 countries – eastern, northern and southern Europe, but not the Bobfan heartland in NW Europe, Germany, Benelux, N France or England - finishing in Portugal on 11 July.

It marks the twentieth anniversary of the tour, which started in Concord, California in June 1988.

The short warm-up tour now finishing in NE US/Maritime Provinces gives an idea of what to expect:

· same band as in recent years, with Dylan on keyboards, not guitar
· similar rotating setlist of 17 songs (from about 50), played over about 90 minutes, and almost equally split between promoting the last three albums and revisiting classic repertoire
· multi-generational audience, with teens/twenties as numerous as ageing greybeards.

Sounds wonderful to me – just wish I was going. If you’re lucky enough to see a gig, please remember to send The Dylan Daily a brief review/setlist.

Gerry Smith