Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I'm Not There: Europe ignored again?

The DVD of I'm Not There was released in the USA yesterday; the two disc Collector’s Edition, packed with extras, looks particularly desirable.

But the European (inc UK) release isn’t due for ages (14 July if you can believe the retailers). And it looks like we’ll only be offered the single DVD version, without the extras.

Europe ignored again?

Sony is slipping up here. There was similar issue for European DVD consumers last year with the wonderful Don’t Look Back box: securing a Region 2 copy at a reasonable price was hassle-laden.

These are great products. I normally have a high regard for Columbia, but these DVD issues are irritating: I might just embark on my own one-man buyer’s strike.

Gerry Smith



I'm Not There - DVD extras

The eagerly awaited I'm Not There DVD release is being variously advertised as 6 May (US) and 9 June and 14 July (UK).

Thanks to Bernard McGuinn for supplying this list of the DVD Extras. They’re welcome, though such an impressive movie hardly needs extras – it’d fly off the shelves without them anyway:

- Deleted Scenes with Optional Commentary
- Audio Commentary with Director Todd Haynes
- Premiere Featurette
- The Making Of I'm Not There
- Subterranean Homesick Blues Music Video
- Audition Tapes - Ben Whishaw and Marcus Carl Franklin
- Gag Reel
- Conversation with Todd Haynes
- Making of the Soundtrack
- Dylan Filmography
- Dylan Discography
- New York Times Article on the Film, by Robert Sullivan
- Lyrics

Gerry Smith