Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Iceland show: “scorching”

Thanks to José M. Tirado:

“I saw Dylan here last night, the fifth time in 34 years, and this may have been the best show ever.

“While his voice was scratchy at times, on songs like “Netti Moore”, “Spirit on the Water” and especially, “When the Deal Goes Down”, there was a poignancy in his delivery usually not seen.

“I was right upfront, on the security railing and got a chance to see all his cues with the band (who were tighter than the Band was in 1974) and the smiling asides and mugging Dylan occasionally did. He entered the stage with what appeared to be a slight limp and spent some time adjusting the back of his pants – I suspected he had a back brace of some kind.

“Still he was energetic, sincere and the rocking numbers (”"Rollin and Tumblin”, “The Levee´s Gonna Break” and “Highway 61 Revisited”) were raucous and well-received. It was touching to see him after all these years (I last saw him with Tom Petty in Japan around 1986-87) but I´d say all in all this band are beyond dynamite and if he keeps working with them we will be seeing years of great music ahead.

“And scorching live shows!