Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Don't Look Back Deluxe Edition: Dylan product @ bargain prices #1

Thanks to Liam Mogan:

“Following the release of the Don't Look Back Deluxe Tour Edition last year I scoured my local outlets looking for one at a reasonable price. They were pretty scarce up here in Yorkshire, with the only one I could find priced at £39.99.

“I was sure the price would fall and it would be available more widely. As you probably know, I was wrong.

“However, today I got my reward for being patient. A newly opened cd/dvd store called Spin has appeared in my home town in the last few weeks. They were offering special prices on dvd boxsets and Don't Look Back Tour Ed was there for £8.00!

“Not only that it, was also a BOGOF offer and I got The Concert for Bangledesh Special Edition box - free! By my reckoning, I have saved about £50.00.

“You can't beat a bargain!”