Thursday, May 29, 2008

BOBMANIA #20-23: Lots of Bob bashes – Donegal, California, NH, India

Lots of Bob bashes to mark Dylan’s 67th birthday:

* Thanks to Teresa Conboy:

“Thought you would like to read the review:

* Thanks to Patrick in DC:

“Dave Cox has done it again: 2 hours of amazing Dylan cuts played on New Hampshire radio in celebration of Bob's bday.

“Fans can stream it here:¤thour=10&hours=2

* Thanks to Gerry McLaughlin:

“Stuck Inside of Moville - Ireland's only DylanFest - is on again this year - bigger and better.

“Details are here:

and some of the bands can be heard here

* And thanks to Bob Munro, in Christchurch, NZ:

Gerry Smith