Monday, September 21, 2009

Shop early for Xmas

Thanks to Gordon Macniven:

“For what it's worth (having listened to the samples) I won't be buying the Christmas album either.

“Its mawkish sentimentality is deeply embarrassing, but I expect it to be a hit on "Sing Something Simple" (English radio series aimed at over-80s early school leavers – Ed).

“I'm intrigued, however, by the timing of this unfortunate venture - why bring out a CHRISTMAS album before mid-October? Surely a late November/early December release would have been more appropriate?

“Very odd.”

And thanks to Humberto:

“Yes, agree with Johanna...

"If anybody wants to cry "sellout!" once again, so be it. Probably
Bob will just smile to himself and know people still care enough to be outraged. And maybe, they will listen with an open mind and judge the performances, not the idea."