Thursday, September 17, 2009

More on the Christmas album

Thanks to Kenneth Crouch:

“I’ve just listened to samples. I’ve been a fan since the sixties but this a joke; the only good thing if any are sold is that the money goes to charity.

“If my son buys me it, then it will stay in the wrapper.

“No more like this, Bob, please.”

And thanks to Johanna Moore:

“The ongoing discussion about the new album makes me smile... Bob Dylan has done it again, created something that some of his fans are unwilling to forgive him even before they got the chance to listen.

“Many of "us" of course will buy it anyway, I know I will. It is really only just history repeating. People seeing electric guitars and disagreeing with the idea, without giving it a chance. People shuddering at the idea that "the voice of promise of the 60s counter culture (etc etc)" will be heard singing Christmas songs.

“It has nothing whatsoever to do with whether any of "us" ever bought Christmas albums before. Would it really be the first time for Bob to introduce "us" to something new, that we hadn't considered thinking about before? I guess it will sell okay in this time and day.

“If anybody wants to cry "sellout!" once again, so be it. Probably Bob will just smile to himself and know people still care enough to be outraged. And maybe, they will listen with an open mind and judge the performances, not the idea.”