Thursday, September 03, 2009

More on: The Christmas album: so long, Bob

Thanks to Jonathan Greenwood:

“While I respect Chris’s right to junk Dylan, I welcome the idea of the Christmas album.

“To me, it’s yet another example of Dylan’s espousal of diverse musical styles – surely his trademark across the years.

“And it shows Dylan moving even further into the mainstream. He clearly craves the mass popular acceptance which has been steadily growing since TOOM. I think it’s churlish for aficionados to wish to keep him boxed into a Counter Culture niche to be enjoyed only by a backward-looking small cult.

“I’ll be buying the CD; if I don’t like it I’ll simply file it (like a few other Dylan albums over the years) and give praise that the man is still developing, and always in bewilderingly unpredictable ways.”


Thanks to Chris Walker:

“I’m surprised that no Dylan Daily readers have recoiled in horror at the very idea of Dylan releasing an album of Xmas songs.

“Xmas albums are for lame brains. I wouldn’t have one given for free. Whoever recorded it. For whatever charity. Xmas albums are strictly for sentimental bozos.”

“I’ve been an ardent Dylan fan for many years, but I’m afraid this kind of showbiz bullcrap is the final straw – I ain’t gonna sing Dylan’s praises no more: the greatest creative artist of the 20thC has lost it: so long, Bob.”