Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Christmas album: I can’t wait

Thanks to Martin Cowan:

“I laughed like a drain when I read Chris Walker's comments about the upcoming Dylan Christmas album.

“Chris would no doubt have been there with Pete Seeger hacking through the electricity cables at Newport '64 and booing and heckling in '66 and '79-'80!

“Creative artists will always be pushing the boundaries and it's interesting that what Dylan is doing here is perceived as both pushing further into the mainstream ("showbiz bullcrap") and behaving in a boundary pushing way (not afraid of the reaction of his fans).

“Personally, I can't wait for the LP, and I hope that the end result is as good as it could be (the difference between an album like "Good as I Been To You" and an album like "Down in The Groove").

As we know with Dylan, either is possible!