Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Christmas album: indefensible, waste of talent

Thanks to Gerd Hain:

“I was mildly shocked by the balance of responses on Dylan Daily to C Walker’s critique of the idea of a Xmas album by Dylan.

“Can those who defended the idea honestly say that they have ever bought a Xmas album; and even if they have, do they ever listen to it?

“Xmas albums are abysmal, not worth hearing again after 1 January. Like Chris, I’ll be avoiding it.

“I’ve always supported Dylan’s changes of directions – it’s what artists do. I even welcomed the Christian conversion stuff all those years ago. But this release is artistically indefensible – a big mis-judgment by Bob. Utter waste of talent.”


Thanks to Chris Walker:

“I’m surprised that no Dylan Daily readers have recoiled in horror at the very idea of Dylan releasing an album of Xmas songs.

“Xmas albums are for lame brains. I wouldn’t have one given for free. Whoever recorded it. For whatever charity. Xmas albums are strictly for sentimental bozos.”

“I’ve been an ardent Dylan fan for many years, but I’m afraid this kind of showbiz bullcrap is the final straw – I ain’t gonna sing Dylan’s praises no more: the greatest creative artist of the 20thC has lost it: so long, Bob.”