Friday, April 04, 2008

Uncut magazine’s Dylan covers #2

Thanks to Kai-Anders Nilsson in Sweden, and Hanns Peter Bushoff in Munich.

* Kai-Anders Nilsson:

I'm counting to nine Dylan covers on the Uncut magazine:

August 1997: The Ted Russell photos of the pre-fame period in the Village. (Never before published, a scoop I guess).
June 2001: A 1965 Daniel Kramer cover.
June 2002: Two different covers – one from ‘62 and one from ‘66.
September/October 03: A Dylan-only issue.
January 2005: Two different covers – one from Blood… and one from Rolling Thunder.
December 2006: With a photo from around Modern Times.
August 2007: A ‘66 photo selling their 10th anniversary issue.
February 08: Nashville Skyline cover

I wonder how many copies these magazines really sell? 40,000? More?

I suppose that when you put Bob on the cover there are about half a million (at the most) potential buyers round the world, the diehard Dylan fans. Don't think there’s more, do you? If 10% buy the issue the editors are home free. Obviously there are more U2 fans in the world so why not more U2 covers? Probably because they're not so dedicated.

Dylan covers must be playing it safe for magazines like Uncut, Mojo and The Word.

* Hanns Peter Bushoff

Here's a list of all Uncut issues with Dylan cover stories:

Uncut UK Aug 97
Uncut UK Dec 06
Uncut UK Feb 06
Uncut UK Jan 05
Uncut UK Jun 01
Uncut UK Jun 02 two different covers
Uncut UK Aug 07
Uncut UK Feb 08