Friday, April 11, 2008

Theme Time Radio Hour – series 2 on BBC radio tonight

In case you missed it (as I almost did), Theme Time Radio Hour series 2 started on BBC 6Music last Friday, with programme 1, Hello. It continues tonight at 9pm. Apparently, 6Music had also been finishing off series 1 for the previous few weeks.

Bonus: UK listeners (only) can listen again via the web for 7 days after broadcast.

BBC is funded by a compulsory household tax (? £135 pa). Most of it goes on dumb TV programmes - game shows, reality toss, property porn series, as well as wall-to-wall mainstream pap I wouldn’t inflict on my dog.

So it’s pleasing that BBC has used a tiny proportion of its outrageous levy to buy series 2, after broadcasting the wonderful first series.

If only they’d stop confusing Dylan fans by switching Uncle Bob’s masterful show between 6 Music and Radio 2. And start providing adequate, helpful information about the programmes in their print (Radio Times) and web listings.

Gerry Smith