Thursday, April 24, 2008

Dylan on film: Top 10

The imminent DVD release of the masterly I’m Not There, hot on the heels of the magnificent pair of Dont (sic) Look Back and The Other Side Of The Mirror, could well lead to a re-evaluation of Dylan’s appearances on film.

The perception of Dylan’s screen appearances could change - from a mixed collection of odds and sods to a coherent body of important work.

I already rate highly most of Dylan’s screen appearances.

Here’s my Top 10:

1. Dont Look Back
2. The Other Side Of The Mirror: Dylan at Newport 1963-65
3. Hard Rain
4. Masked And Anonymous
5. No Direction Home
6. Eat The Document
7. Pat Garrett and Billy The Kid
8. Last Waltz
9. I’m Not There
10. Highway 61 (BBC Arena 1993)

Six other appearances cry out for careful re-evaluation:

* Sydney, with Tom Petty
* Unplugged
* Renaldo and Clara
* Concert For Bangladesh
* Bob Dylan: American Troubador (Biography Channel, 2001?)
* Getting To Dylan (BBC Omnibus 1987)

But I doubt I’ll ever like:

* Live Aid
* Hearts Of Fire
* Madhouse On Castle St

What do you think? Am I on the money? Barking up the wrong tree? Or just plain barking?

Gerry Smith