Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Morrissey – a post-Punk Dylan? Encore

Thanks to Peter Jonas:

“Interesting comparison of Morrissey and Dylan. Like many younger Dylan fans, I’m indifferent, verging on hostile, to Bob’s contemporary musicians – boring old farts like ‘60s rockers Neil Young, Mick Jagger, Van Morrison, Led Zep etc. They should all be encouraged to retire gracefully.

“Funny thing, though - Dylan’s stature, the magnitude of his achievement, sets him apart from the crowd of superannuated nostalgia merchants.

“I and many of my contemporaries only listen to rockpop from alternative/modern artists – Beck, White Stripes, Smiths, Stone Roses, Bjork etc – but we still revere Dylan as the main man.

“You’re right – Morrissey is the only young pretender to Dylan’s crown. And, though I love Mozza’s stuff, I admit that he can’t hold a candle to Bob. But, then, neither can anyone else.”