Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Dylan on the covers of MOJO, The Word and Uncut

If you were responsible for the content of a rockpop magazine, you’d feel compelled to run a Dylan cover every couple of years.

That’s certainly been the policy of the trio of Anglo nostalgia rock monthlies - MOJO, The Word and UNCUT.

* Since its launch in 1993, MOJO has run no fewer than eight Dylan covers:

No 1 - Nov 1993
51 - Feb 98
60 – Nov 98
84 – Nov 2000 (US edition)
109 - Dec 02
121 - Dec 03
142 – Sept 05
158 – Jan 07

* In its much shorter life, The Word has run 2 Dylan covers, March 04 and Jan 06. Surprisingly, in the same period, it’s also run two covers of several lesser dadrock faves, notably Leonard Cohen and Joni Mitchell.

* UNCUT doesn’t provide a covers archive on its web site, so I can’t check its Dylan covers, but I’ve collected 5 issues.

I’d be grateful if any Dylan Daily reader who’s managed to collect all the UNCUT Dylan covers would kindly supply a list for publication.

Gerry Smith