Friday, January 01, 2010

Xmas album: mediaeval

Thanks to Brandon Young:

“Hi! I'm a huge Dylan fan. Any album any show, any period. Period.

“People who don't like Dylan's new stuff can just watch "Don't Look
Back" and count themselves with the "Judas!" sayers. History will not absolve them.

“These people have no idea what Dylan is, what his influences are and therefore why "Christmas in the Heart" is so important.

“I'm 27 and friends who only listen to rap dig the album. Of course these people aren't indoctrinated enough to be critics, who, in our age are in every category (art, literature, morality) out if step with the vast majority of people. There are exceptions.

“I am convinced that history will look back at this album and put on par with Nashville Skyline, Desire, Time Out of Mind and Love and Theft.

“To the nay-sayers: look into the meaning of these songs; these old traditional songs. They are mediaeval and identify with an older, lost secret tradition.

“Rome falls nine times a day. Your job is to notice.”