Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Dylan exhibition: confusion on opening date

Thanks to Gordon Macniven:

“Your readers should treat the "6 February" opening (for the new Dylan art show at the Halcyon Gallery) with a pinch of salt.

“The Halcyon's web gives two different dates for the opening (6 and 8 February) but, when I emailed them for clarification, they came back with 13 February!

“Clear as mud.

“Incidentally do we know how much the Christmas album has raised for the homeless?”

(Halcyon web site main entry and press release say “6 Feb”; best advice is to check with gallery before travelling – Gerry Smith, Editor.)


New Dylan exhibition – paintings on canvas - opens in London on 6 Feb

Thanks to Johanna:

“I thought this newest exhibition of Bob's artwork might be worth mentioning.

“From my research when I was writing about the Drawn Blank Series, I believe these might include work(s) not included in either of the two hardback catalogues - wondering if they will publish a new brochure for those?”