Friday, January 22, 2010

Dylan, Elvis and Andy Warhol: prints ARE still available

Thanks to Emily Airton, Account Executive at Idea Generation:

“I saw your blog post on our Nat Finkelstein exhibition; Nat’s photographs are amazing aren’t they?

“I just wanted to clarify re the red dot – this meant the first print of the edition had been sold; so the Andy, Bobby and Elvis is still available to buy.

“Another bit of trivia for you, Dylan later told Nat that he’d traded the Elvis for Albert Grossman’s couch!”


Emily clarified this part of the original version of my Finkelstein review article of 21 January:

“The photograph is available in limited editions of 20 prints in each of three sizes, priced at £575, £475 and £375. (But the display print was bearing the coloured sticker dreaded by collectors - it usually indicates “sold out” - when I visited today.)”

Gerry Smith