Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dylan, Elvis and Andy Warhol together: iconic new image now available

There can be few more iconic images than a new poster and limited edition print capturing Dylan, Elvis and Andy Warhol in the same photograph.

Selected as the poster for his new exhibition, which has just opened at Idea Generation’s gallery near London’s Liverpool Street station, Andy, Bobby and Elvis 1965 is surely photographer Nat Finkelstein’s career-defining image.

It shows Dylan being presented by Warhol with a copy of his portrait of Elvis as gunslinger, and was snapped when Dylan and the Pennebaker crew called in to The Factory.

The photograph is available in limited editions of 20 prints in each of three sizes, priced at £575, £475 and £375.

Collectors will also want to look at the two other Dylan images in the show - Andy and Bob Dylan, and Dylan In The Dark. Both are available in the same sizes, edition sizes and prices as Andy, Bobby and Elvis 1965.

The prints are numbered, but not signed or framed.

Collectors on a much tighter budget will be more interested in the exhibition poster, incorporating Andy, Bobby and Elvis 1965, and overprinted with: Nat Finkelstein – From One Extreme to the Other 20/01/10-14/02/10.

It’s a beauty. I bought one (£5) and will treasure it.

The rest of the exhibition concerns Finkelstein’s work at The Factory, with the Velvet Underground, as well as his documenting of 1960s US protest movements and American popular culture.

It’s a lovely little exhibition, well worth a visit. And serious Dylan collectors will want to check out the must-have poster and the three limited edition prints.

Thanks to Johanna Moore who alerted me to the show.


Gerry Smith

(article revised at 2330 on Friday 22 January, to incorporate clarification by Emily Airton of Idea Generation gallery)