Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Theme Time Radio Hour scheduling: not good enough

The Dylan Daily has spared few superlatives in praising Theme Time Radio Hour: there have been few radio series as good as this - ever.

Until recently, series 2 was broadcast from 10pm on Friday night: I know I’m not the only listener who regarded it with gratitude as a reward for a week of toil.

So what did BBC 6 Music do?

Moved it to midnight on Sunday.

Who in their right mind will listen to it in that slot? I’d wager that the small audience for this delightful programme has dwindled to virtually zero.

I’m an enthusiast, but even I forget to tape the bl**dy programme at that time. BBC 6 Music might as well just drop it from their schedules.

Anglo Dylan fans are badly served by this new scheduling. Not good enough.

Gerry Smith