Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Hidden in plain sight: #2-5

Thanks to Martin Cowan:

“A few nominees from me:

* Buckets of Rain - BOTT - nice relaxed vocal, elliptical lyrics, "I ain't no monkey but I know what I like", Dylan's slapped acoustic guitar, perfect

* Mozambique - Desire - ironic lyric, sinewy violin, superb harmonising with Emmylou

* Never Say Goodbye - PW - meandering, lyrics which sum up moods rather than images, one of Dylan's most perfect songs, sensitive banking from The Band and nice harmonies from Rick Danko

* We'd Better Talk This Over - S-L - strong melody, magical wordplay, another highly underrated gem.

“It strikes me looking at this list that these songs are all quite similar in structure - no choruses!

“And re the Sopranos song: I believe Dylan's cover of Return to me is quite widely available - even has the old croaker singing in Italian - nice!”