Thursday, September 25, 2008

FREE DYLAN CD, plus must-buy Dylan cover issue of Uncut

Oh Lordy! Batten down the hatches! Here comes a new Dylan album!

The promo started with the outriders - a trio of well-chosen free audio/video downloads, Dreamin’ Of You and the poignant, stripped-down version of Mississippi.

Now here comes the cavalry, led by the new (November… November?! It’s 25 September!) issue of Uncut, which has just hit the news-stands.

The cover is a 1980s Bob portrait. It announces a welcome 13-page Tell Tale Signs Special, featuring interviews with many who worked with Dylan in the years covered by the new album, 1989-2006, notably Daniel Lanois, Don Was and Jim Keltner.

And the “FREE DYLAN CD”? It’s Radio Bob Volume 2 – “another 17 brilliant tracks from Theme Time Radio Hour”, with tracks by artists such as Al Jolson and Mose Allison.

Uncut November 2008: a must-buy.

Gerry Smith