Friday, September 26, 2008

Greatest Hits/Back Pages tribute/Hot Club of Cowtown

Thanks to Gerry Bamford:

“A very minor comment, in passing, on your postings regarding Greatest Hits collections. I came across a CBS official cassette tape some years ago of the first Greatest Hits album and was surprised to find that the original version of LARS had been replaced with the live version from the IOW.

“Now why would they do that, I wonder?”

“And there are two imminent Back Pages gigs: this Saturday Sept 27 at 'Tracks' at The Railway in North Elmham and on Wednesday Oct 1 at The Queen Victoria in Snettisham, both in the county of Norfolk

“I went to Norwich Arts Centre last week to catch The Hot Club of Cowtown (who as you know have an association with Bob): I would recommend anyone to go check them out - a thrilling set indeed. I was told that they expect to do more with Bob in the future.”