Friday, June 13, 2008

Dylan’s new art show: #4 – the delightful catalogue

The Drawn Blank exhibition of 300+ Dylan paintings starts tomorrow in London’s Halcyon Gallery. And over 40 regional galleries are also exhibiting/selling some or all of the 29 Limited Edition signed and numbered prints. They’re also on sale online.

Readers not attending any of the exhibitions can get the flavour of the work from the collectable catalogue, Bob Dylan – The Drawn Blank Series, just published by the Halcyon Gallery at £39.95.

It’s a delightful production – a sumptuous 288pp large format coffee table hardback - and an essential addition to any Dylan book collection.

If you’re a collector and already have the lovely Prestel catalogue published for the inaugural Drawn Blank exhibition, you also need this one – they’re very different.

Gerry Smith