Friday, June 20, 2008

Dylan the painter: a dissenting view

Thanks to Trudy Evans:

“Congratulations on the Dylan Daily’s coverage of the Drawn Blank Series of paintings – the depth, detail and enthusiasm made yours the best coverage I came across.

“I haven’t yet seen the actual paintings, but from what I’ve seen on the web, I must say I don’t share your zeal for Bob the Painter.

“The work looks moderately interesting and some pictures exhibit technical skills, but mostly they don’t. I think it’s yet another case of a celebrity artist getting more attention than he strictly deserves - just like Miles Davis.”

Trudy’s reservations were echoed in a few of the press reviews:

* in a mixed notice in the Sunday Times, Waldemar Januszczak concluded: “ …Dylan can’t do faces or find proper character in others…”

* Mark Hudson, in The Daily Telegraph, was more positive, but decided “… he has real trouble with people…”

All opinions on all matters Dylan are welcome here. My enthusiasm is undimmed!

Gerry Smith