Thursday, March 20, 2008

Rare Dylan recordings, 1990-2008

The new (“April”) issue of Record Collector has the final article in Evan Marshall (inadvertently called “Evan Hunter” in the sub-head!)’s fine three-part survey of Dylan’s officially released rarities. Part Three covers the ‘90s and beyond.

Apart from the invaluable detailed listing, author Marshall discusses Dylan's current musical direction through his use of standalone contributions to film soundtracks and tribute records. As he says, “There really are a lot of hidden nuggets in the ‘90s and ‘00s period which show him getting back onto top form and fine-tuning his new sound”.

Collectors are indebted to Marshall for this prime piece of archaeological digging. Most will agree with him that “there really is some astonishing work that has been released by Dylan without any attention being drawn to it … “

I’ll be raising a glass to Evan Marshall this Easter.

Gerry Smith