Monday, March 24, 2008

Dylan product @ bargain prices: #1 Bob Dylan Scrapbook

Fellow consumers of Dylan product with an eye for a bargain will be pleased to hear that The Bob Dylan Scrapbook (Simon & Schuster, 2005), which has stubbornly resisted discounting from its (absurd) £30 list price, is now being heavily discounted.

I came across a pile a couple of weeks ago at Soho’s Original Bookshop, priced at £9.95. The shop’s in Charing Cross Road, across the side street from Foyle’s, and opposite Borders.

The Scrapbook’s an evocative collection of memorabilia – photographs, facsimile ticket stubs and festival posters.

Soho’s Original Bookshop also had discounted copies of Gilbert’s Forever Young: Portraits of Bob Dylan (£7.99), and a full–priced Drawn Blank (£33).

If you see some Dylan product @ bargain prices – CDs, DVDs, books, memorabilia - please let me know:

Gerry Smith