Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Dylan in Buenos Aires

Thanks to Gonzalo Barreiros for his review of Dylan at Estadio Vélez Sársfield, Buenos Aires, Argentina on Saturday 15 March:

"Well, the concert was really great. The first song was "Rainy day women", Bobby playing the Fender Stratocaster with the band sounding powerful and steady. Then they played "Lay lady lay", when I took my cell phone and I called to my son so he could listen to it ...

"Then it was a never-ending flow of old hits and new songs, the new ones hard and sometimes sad, the old ones performed in a fresh way, almost impossible to recognize them until you hear the chorus lines. This is a wonderful feature that Dylan has explored since the beginning: playing the old songs in a new way and even changing the verses or adding some new lines. This is what I call an artist, someone who doesn't repeat himself but rather changes and keeps creating beauty.

"I can't remember the full list of songs but these are some he played last night:

* Blowing in the wind,
* All along the watchtower,
* Watching the river flow,
* Just like a woman (a version with the taste of the original recorded version, that sweet and subtle guitar arrangement for the intro),
* Times have changed (he won an Oscar in 2000 with this song),
* Masters of war (wow, a deep and dark version!),
* When the deal goes down (here the band sounded like and old jazz band, nice arrangement too, I love this song),
* Like a rolling stone (I thought that this would be the final song ... but I was wrong!
* All along the watchtower, the last chord - a minor chord - was changed into a major chord to give the song the power of a closing, lasting sound.

"...well there were more songs but I can't remember exactly as I was really touched under a bright crescent moon and a fresh breeze, holding my girlfriend's hand ...

"We all knew that Dylan barely speaks on stage and he never plays a bonus song ... but this time he played two hours non-stop, standing while he played the keyboard, so everyone was really happy. And he played three extra songs ... I missed him playing more guitar than he did, but it's ok after all. It was a great show, maybe the last time we can enjoy him here ... who knows ... . Thanks a lot!"